How to Select the Ideal Road Marking Machine---Engine

Most of the road marking machine adopt the engine as a power.

The engine power is about 2.5HP to 20HP for some small road marking machines. Such as DY-STM, DY-SPTC, DY-VHDP, DY-SSAL, DY-HAL.

And we had better choose the well-known international brand, such as the US-made Robin and Kohler, or Japan-made Honda, the advantage is self-evident: stable performance and easy procurement to spare parts, it almost determine the performance of the entire equipment.

As to the big-size road marking machines, such as DY-BTS, DY-BTSC, DY-BSAL, it is necessary to adopt the high-power diesel engine (above 37KW). We usually adopt Changchai, Yuchai, Yunnei and some other famous brands made in China and the delivery time is about 30days.

But if you need Japan-made engine, Kubota is the best choice for this kind of big-size machine, however, the delivery time is very long, about 4-5months.

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Robin 6.0 road marking machine engine

road marking machine engine