Thermoplastic road marking paint

Thermoplastic road marking paint possesses the characteristics of fast drying, thick coating, long lifttime and excellent constancy reflecting, and now has a dominant position in our country's high-grade highway.

Thermoplastic Extrusion Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic extrusion skid proof road marking paint not only can prevent from skidding to enhance the slowing effect, but also with high reflective ability, can improve driving security from visual sense.

Thermoplastic Vibrating (Convex) Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic Vibrating (Convex) Road Marking Paint is consist of thermoplastic resin, modified rubber, pigment filling, special adjuvant, which aims to create high visibility and vibration to keep safty.

Thermoplastic Spraying Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic spraying road marking paint contained anti-skid additive which ensures the excellent levelling and skid resistance of the paint and maximally ensures the driving security.

Thermoplastic Screeding Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint is made from petoleum resin, PE wax, pigment fillinngs, and it is powder form in room temperature. When heated, it is liquid, and will form hard film after coated to road surface.