Structure of Hand Push Pavement Marking Machine

Hand push road line marking equipment, walking forward by human pushing force, is structured by frame, walking wheels, gas tank, paint tank, reflective material storage tank, marking device(marking shoe or spraying gun)and the operation control system. This machine is hand pushed to universal walking during construction.

There are screeding coating type and spraying type marking mode, suit for painting reflective and non-reflective solid line, curve, dashed lines with 10-20 cm width, and various forms of ground traffic signs.

According to the construction process and the coating paint, hand push pavement marking machines can be divided into hot-melt (screeding), cold paint type (spray type) and two component type. Scribing device of screeding type machine is marking bucket, spray-type marking device is spraying gun. Small two-component marking machine is generally screeding type marking mode, only riding-style two-component type marking car is spin spraying coating process, with the spray gun.

Structure of hand push pavement marking machine Structure of hand push pavement marking machine