How to Choose Your Right Road Marking Machine

In order to meet various needs of road marking project, we design and produce a variety of different marking devices. Let's pick out the most suitable road marking equipment for you.

Step 1: Make clear of what paints your marking works will use. And different type of paints should be matched with different marking device during construction accordingly. Currently, commonly used traffic paints are divided into three types: thermoplastic paint, cold traffic paint and two-component paint. Accordingly, our road marking equipment is also divided into three categories, such as thermoplastic road marking machine, cold paint road marking machine and two-component road marking machine.

Step 2: Choose a road marking machine of different efficiency according to the scale and duration of the marking project. By the order of marking efficiency, these machines are these machines are Driving Type(large > medium > small), Self Propelled Type and Hand-push Type.

The above two steps will help you determine your suitable road marking equipment almost. In addition, if you have special requirements for lines type and width, please contact us and send your request to our sales engineers. As the largest manufacturer of road marking equipment in Asia, Dayu will provide you with the best solution. Meanwhile, we also provide a variety of auxiliary equipment for your option to help improve the efficiency and quality of road lines marking.

two component paint covex line marking

flat lines spraying painting machine

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