Auxiliary Equipment

In the marking construction process, except using the basic marking machine, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of road lines marking construction, we also offer some auxiliary equipment to meet customers’ needs, such as wind-force road cleaner, road lines pre-marker, primer sprayer, loader and unloader, trailers and boosters.

Primer Sprayer

DY-PS Primer Sprayer is the auxiliary machinery for thermoplastic application and foundation to get better adhesive. The machine's function is to evenly spray primer on the ground, enhance the adhesion of paint and ground.

Roll Booster

Roll booster is a kind of chair following a road marking machine and other equipment, to realize sitting type machine.

Hand-push Pre-marker

DAYU brand hand-push pre-marker can mark the pre-marking freely according to the requirements of construction and can accomplish 1-4 lines independently, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.