How to choose applicable road marking paint

According to experience of many industry insiders who were engaged in research and development, construction work of road paint and marking construction machinery, and making relevant standards, comprehensively referring various road traffic marking paint performance and advantages and disadvantages contrast, recommendations and suggestion was draw that different marking paint should be used depending on different road conditions, different regions, different marking functions.

1. Highway solid line can choose the reflective-type thermoplastic paint.
Because, vehicles on the highway are stricter than common road, the solid line will be less rolled by the wheels, and less wear. But the road line on highway was required of high reflective performance. The hot melt reflective road marking paint can meet this requirement, and with highest cost performance, which should be given preference to.

2. Intermittent highway marking line can use paint with great durability
Because discontinuity dashed lines are normally set on the section of lane changing and line doubling, where is frequently affected and worn by the vehicles rolling, The coating film of screeding type hot melt paint is thicker and more durable. Durable marking material can guarantee the normal use of markings for an extended period, reducing the risk of construction work when opening traffic.

3. Highway curves and the outer edges of the road can be marked with structural vibration type reflective lines.
These sections such as highway curves and the outer edges, if friction coefficient is too small, combined with the speed is too fast, the traveling vehicle will deviate from the normal line, due to centrifugal force, causing traffic accidents. If using bump structural vibration reflective marking, once the wheels rolling on the line, the car body can produce mild concussion, with noises at the same time, to remind the driver of the vehicle running deviation. In addition, the convex part can ensure the marking lines still has good performance in the rainy night.

4. Ordinary roads had better to use reflective paint lines
Ordinary common road is often lack of road signs and delineators or other safety facilities and lighting. Motor vehicles and other vehicles mixed driving, the traffic is complexity, and extremely unsafe at night. In order to prevent accidents, a variety of traffic safety facilities should be set up, and the road should be marked with reflective lines.

5. Urban road corners, crossroads, and other sections of the factory and campus entrance should apply the convex structural vibration reflective lines. Because, in these important sections the raised vibrating reflective line can improve driver alertness, warning them driving slowly, to prevent slippage, ensure traffic safety, and also protect passers-by.

How to choose applicable road marking paint