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DY-RB Roll Booster

DY-RB Roll Booster

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Technical Parameters

Roll booster is a kind of chair following a road marking machine and other equipment, to realize sitting type machine. Type II, installed with driving device, can supply driving force for the connected machine.

Main Parameter DY-RB
Engine 6.0HP or 5.5HP air-cooled gasoline engine
Driving system Variable speed transmission system
Chassis A firm welded frame, surface sprayed with corrosion resistant coating
Rubber wheel Diameter 440mm
Chair Adjusted to people's body structure
Connecting device Universal ball-type joint device
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1400mm×720mm×1080mm
Weight 140kg

Product Feature

1. A firm welded frame; chrome-plated or corrosion resistant coating sprayed surface; high-speed bearing ensures the whole machine light and convenient to move.
2. The left and right rubber wheels are gas-filled vacuum wheels.
3. The oblique angle and position of the chair can be freely adjusted according to the operator's needs.
4. The universal ball-type joint makes the connection between the roll booster and the equipment more convenient.
5. Driving system of type II roll booster is imported oil pressurized continuously variable speed transmission with automatic brake device. The back wheels are equipped with a differential speed gearing to ensure drive freely around the curve and change directions timely.
6. Type II roll booster equipped with highlight light that makes the night construction more convenient.

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