Structure and Characteristics of Self-propelled Line Marking Machine

Self-propelled road maker machine is suit for short-distance working and transferring, with features of high construction speed, automatic walking, easy to operate, economical and practical.

Self-propelled line marking machine consists of a paint stirrer, melting tank, clutch, glass beads bin etc. The paint melting tank is double structure of stainless steel fixed in the rack of machine. Paint stirrer is set on the melting tank lid. The lower part of melting tank is set with a discharge door, a discharge handle connecting with it. At the discharge door, a slide plate converged with the hopper. The hanger derrick is in the upper part of the cross, and the front gas nozzle is in the front end of hopper through the hanger device, the rear gas nozzle device at the back of the hopper, floor knife fixed on the bottom of both sides of the hopper. The dispenser of glass beads bin is controlled by the clutch. The rack of machine is installed with gas tank, warning lights and rear tail wheel. The rear wheel or front wheel is active steering and equipped with directional device, which can ensure flexibility in the operation of turning, but also ensure it draw a straight line, simple in operation.

The above description is screeding type self-walking line marking machine, more suitable for hot melt and two-component paint. Another spray type marking machine, suitable for normal temperature paint, whose marking device is spraying gun. Spray guns were fixed on the gun rack, which can be adjusted up, down, front and back, according to needs of traffic lines marking and the terrain and the region.

Structure and characteristics of self-propelled line marking machine