Main Structure And Characters Of Road Marking Car

Driving-type road marking machine, also known as road marking car, more complex in structure, is a large vehicle, mainly composed by the automobile chassis, paint system, marking devices, air system and control devices.

Ride-type marking vehicles have the characteristics of painting lines at low speed and transferring of working sites at high speed, so they are equipped with car chassis, keeping the reservation of the car's running, transmission, control, steering, braking and lighting parts. Trunk of the car was redesigned, mounted with scribing device in the lower part of trunk, spraying gun or marking bucket are designed as scalable type. Trunk floor was mounted with air compressor, paint pumps, paint and solvent storage tank, console and operator’s seat. Below the trunk floor was installed with marking devices, power transmission equipment, air tank, indicating benchmark, and movable escalators. In addition, to meet the needs of draw pavement lines and transport functions alone, the truck mounted road line marker can be separate the marking machine from the truck.

The paint system of road marking car includes paint tank with filter and stirrer, solvents tube, spray pumps (piston type airless type, air-assisted type), accumulator, pressure gauge, relief valve and automatic spray gun. The paint tank is parallel with the solvents tube, paint or solvent was pumped to the spraying gun, by low-pressure pipe, paint pumps, high pressure piping and accumulator, to paint lines.

The marking car generally draws road lines on the right, so the guide rod was installed in the front of the car's right, which can be recovered to the vehicle's lower part during high-speed transferring. Line marking device is installed in the middle right of the vehicle, which is a retractable and lifting link mechanism. The spraying gun is mounted on the device, retracted and lifted by a pneumatic control unit, can be retracted into the car the trunk when do not draw lines.

Air system is mainly to provide compressed air for high pressure spray pump chamber, stretching and lifting of the marking devices and the control of hoist cylinders and spraying guns. Therefore, a compressor with a certain displacement is in front of the car trunk, and the power is from the car engine.

The controller of lines drawing device is mounted on the operating platform, for different line types, the operator only needs simply toggle a few buttons to control spray guns, which is easy to use, reliable, and can automatically repeat and track original old line. It not only improves the operator's labor conditions, but also improves the accuracy of lines marking.

According to the construction process, road marking machines are divided into spraying type and screeding type. Marking device of spraying type machine is spray gun, while screeding type marking device is marking shoe.

Main structure and characters of road marking car