Road Marking Remover
DY-MPR-I/II Road Marking Remover

DY-MPR-I/II Road Marking Remover

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technical parameters

Main Parameter DY-MPR-I DY-MPR-II
Engine Kohler 8.5HP or Honda 9.0HP gasoline engine 18HP gasoline engine
Driving system Without Original variable speed transmission system
Removal grinding head Special steel cutter milling head Alloy cutter head, combined blade, bearing rod: 4 bearings /6 bearings / 12 bearings
Milling width (adjustable) 30cm (adjustable)
Milling depth 2.5mm(adjustable) 8-10mm(adjustable)
Milling depth control Accurate pitch depth adjuster
Function Remove marking, road bump, road surface roughening Remove sunken marking, road bump, marking lines; caving road lines, road surface roughening
Dimensions (L*W*H) 900mm×600mm×970mm 1350mm×555mm×1100mm
Weight 90kg 275kg
Optional system Roll booster Seat trailer

Product Features

DY-MPR-I/II Road marking remover adopts tungsten steel knife head to removing road marking line, tape and bitumen and concrete on heave surface with high effect and long service life.

1. The imported special steel knife body and tungsten steel knife head are suitable for removing many kinds of surfaces, especially for removing the road marking.
2. The milling components can be quickly changed according to the different demands, having long service life.
3. The handle revolving depth adjuster adopts accurate pitch, which can accurately control the depth according to the needs.
4. Emergency stop device can effectively ensure the machine stop in time when out of control.
5. The tyres of whole machine are special abrasion proof modified rubber wheels.

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