Road Marking Remover

Before road marking work or other road construction, the road surface should be completely cleaned, removing the sand and grave, road bumps, dust and other debris, avoiding affect the quality of traffic lines marking. Our company researched and developed three categories road marked lines removers such as milling-planning type remover, alloy knife type road lines remover and steel brush cold paint remover, to remove old or error road markings, grease and other stubborn viscous dirt material.

thermoplastic road line removal machine

DY-RMR thermoplastic road line removal machine is professionally used to clear away the broken, stained and wrong marking lines. The imported anti-abrasion tungsten alloy cutter has speedy and excellent performance.

Milling-planing Type Remover

DY-MPR-I/II Road marking remover adopts tungsten steel knife head to removing road marking line, tape and bitumen and concrete on heave surface with high effect and long service life.

cold paint road line removal machine

DY-BR Road marking remover is professionally used to remove the cold paint road line, with the excellent performance, especially used for clean old road surface, waste oil, mud, and semi-loose sand, without destroying the road surface.

Wind-force Road Cleaner

DY-WRC wind-force road cleaner is used to completely clean remaining sandstones and dust before marking road lines,to ensure the road marking construction quality.