Recent General Road Marking Material And Its Construction Process

Road marking lines are divided into hot melt marking, normal cold paint, colorful anti-skid, anti-slip oscillation cursor and preformed line types. Hot melt type is most common road lines in China, short, construction time and with high wear resistance and relative low cost. Lines of road, factory road, the parking lot, underground garage crossing, school road, living quarters and other road surface construction projects, are divided into cold paint and hot melt marking paint two kinds. The special cold paint can be used for artificial coating, with uniform thickness and good color clarity, including parking spaces, no-parking yellow line area, channel lanes, diversion belt and guiding arrows.

Construction process of hot melt line markings:
1. Reflective hot melt marking, use glass beads paint, petroleum resin hot melt paint.
2. the coating is heated in hot melt machine, melt temperature was controlled at 180 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees, and stirred for about 10 minutes after the coating.
3. the marker position and the measured position specified according to the design and graphics icons, and then coated in the figure labeled primer paint.
4. the primer is dry hot melt coating can be carried out at the same time spreading paint marking reflective glass beads, increased nighttime identifiable markings, thickness 1.5-1.8mm.

hot melt road line marking process