Road Marking Remover
DY-RMR Road Marking Remover

DY-RMR thermoplastic line remover

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technical parameters

DY-RMR thermoplastic road line removal machine is professionally used to clear away the broken, stained and wrong marking lines. The imported anti-abrasion tungsten alloy cutter has speedy and excellent performance.

Engine Kohler or Briggs 10.5 HP gasoline engine
Removal grinding head Tungalloy cutter, 24 teeth for thermoplastic marking lines, 48 teeth for cold paint marking lines.
Removal depth control Accurate pitch depth adjuster
Removal pressure control Dial instruction pressure adjuster
Clutch protective device Automatic clutch equipment
Cleaner joint Dia. 76 mm
Operation method Pull, push, wave type operation
Removal width 180-620mm
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1240mm×780mm×1100mm
Weight 230kg
Optional system Dust collector, roll booster

Product Features

1. Imported tungalloy cutter is hard and high speed rotating, with long service life, and easy to assemble.
2. Fixed with depth adjuster equipment, can accurately adjust and fix depth according to the needs.
3. According to the conditions of road surface and different kinds of paint, the removal pressure can be adjusted.
4. Automatic clutch makes the cutter automatic clutch with removal shaft according to the engine speed and the conditions of road surface, which makes sure the high quality removal, fewer damages and extends service life.
5. Equipped with emergency stop switch, which can stop the machine in short time.
6. Convenient foot control parking system makes the machine in safety condition in any time.
7. Forward, back off, left or right operated freely.
8. A firm welded frame, whose surface has been chrome-plated or high temperature treatment; the four-wheel structure makes the whole machine work more stable, and operation more convenient.

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