As Asia's largest road marking equipment manufacturer, we offer road marking machinery of hundreds types and road marking paint of different specifications to meet the needs of various road marking work.

In addition to the road marking machinery and road marking paint, in order to improve the marking construction efficiency and quality, increase the road marking construction safety and environmental protection, we also designed and manufactured a series of road marking auxiliary equipment, such as truck trailer, roll booster, wind force road cleaner, as well as loader and unloader. These auxiliary equipment can effectively reduce the overall cost of the road marking construction.

Road marking machine is key equipment in the road marking construction. It's divided into three categories according to the applicable road marking paint.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

Note: The construction (ways) of thermaplastic road marking paint is different from that of cold solvent paint and two-component paint. It's completion needs the cooperation of four devices, such as road marking pre-heater, thermaplastic road marking machine, pre-marker and primer sprayer.

Road Marking Pre-heater Hand-push Pre-marker Primer Sprayer

Road marking remover is not only used to remove the old markings, error markings and stubborn stains, but also used to smooth the road surface.

Milling-planing Type Remover Alloy Knife Type Remover Steel-Brush Cold Paint Remover Wind-force Road Cleaner

In addition to road marking paints listed below, we are also professional manufacturer of reflective glass beads, road marking tape, road sealing agent, and so on.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Cold Road Marking Paint Two-component Road Marking Paint