Convex Vibration Road Marking Lines

Vibration marking line is the international advanced level high-tech product, which is relatively commonly used in developed countries currently. It is convex in shape type, the base plus the height of the projection portion of 5-7mm. The vibration marking with anti-pollution, good whiteness, anti-alkali, durability, wear resistance, good flexibility, weather resistance, strong vibration sense, excellent reflective and warning effect in rainy nights. The main role of the oscillation convex marking is prompted the driver must drive by lane and slow down to avoid driver fatigue and achieve the purpose of forcing deceleration to improve vehicle safety. The service life of this line is generally up to 5-6 years, and the overall investment is not too much. It can be adopted according to geography condition and road traffic.

Raised convex markings setting function and characteristics

1. Deceleration: prompt deceleration and slow down at the toll plaza, turn, dangerous sections.
2. Anti-slip: preventing skidding in the road corners, ensure the same friction when it rains.
3. Rainy night reflection: In the rainy night, double yellow vibration lines and convex edge line are still reflective, can ensure normal driving.
4. Vibrating alert: When the driver fatigue or nibbling during driving, before the car run off the road, the raised edge line will cause vibration and oscillation and produce whistling sound, so that the driver would woke up, adjust the driving direction, to avoid accidents. So, convex vibration marking is a good initiative means of protection.

Setting method of various convex markings

1. 300mm width convex vibration markings’ mainly setting applications: mainline toll plaza, ramp entrances, mountainous areas, continuous sharp turns, downhill section and the end of the highway (intersection of highway exit and the plane of the common roadway), gates and entrance of enterprises, institutions and school where need slow down. Depending on the different applications, the convex markings can be repeatedly set, and perpendicular to driving directions.
2. 150 and 200mm width convex vibration markings are mainly settled in the median strip, edge lines, dangerous sections of the road, in the same direction of traffic driving direction.