Convex Vibration Road Marking Paint

Currently a variety of road marking materials was used for road traffic safety facilities, such as the normal temperature road marking paint, hot melt road marking paint, reflective road studs and light reflective tape. A new material – projection type vibration marking was welcomed in the industry. This vibration-type marking paint is based on hot melt road marking paint, modified by shortening its dry time, increasing compressive strength and raising softening point, etc., and using a special marking tool to draw out point-shaped, strip and other projection pattern lines. When cooling down, these convex portions of the marking coatings have sufficient strength, in order to withstand the rolling of the traffic vehicles.

Convex type reflective vibration marking is a new product researched and developed based on improving traffic safety at night and rainy days, by improving the wet weather visibility of the marking, to reduce traffic accidents. The surface of this paint coating was distributed and scattered with high refractive index glass beads. In April 2000, this road paint was introduced into China, and applied in Beijing in large area, and then promoted and applied in many cities and highways. When speeding vehicle rolled on such marking lines, it will produce a muffled "bang" sound, which will remind the car driver the road conditions. The sound is gentler than vehicle running through road studs, but has a strong warning and reminding effect. At night, especially on a rainy night, this product has excellent visibility and high vibration warning function to prevent drivers traveling in false sleep or crossing the lane. Raised portion of markings may form part of the gap of drainage area, and always protrude from the surface of the water, ensure the marking line is not completely submerged by rain to play a role in the rainy night.

Dayu Machinery Company mainly supply dot raised bumps and square block type marking paints. Vibration type marking is developed by adapting users’ requirement of high-brightness (high visibility) and increasing oscillation vibration in the application of road paints. While, through specific surface treatment to the large projection area, the effect of the visual recognition in rainy night, the compressive strength, impact resistance and other factors were all took into account.