Road Marking Machine

Road marking machine is one kind of road construction machine widely used in urban roads, highway, parking lots, and squares, which may mark different lines to restrain, guide and warning people. Traffic lines marking machines are also used to marking lines on the old traffic lanes.

Categories by paint type and capacity

According to the applicable marking paint, road marking machines are divided into 3 categories, thermoplastic type, cold paint type and two-component type marking machine.
According to the size of marking construction project, road painting equipment has large model and small model correspondingly. Such as large driving type marking car, small hand-pushed marking machine and truck mounted vehicle type.

Application area

Driving-type (with sizes of large, medium and small) and vehicle mounted type marking machines are generally used for long-distance continuity striping projects.
Hand-pushed self-propelled marking machine is suitable for urban areas, small-scale road marking construction.
Hand push marking machine is in high flexibility, suitable for short distance pedestrian pavement, zebra cross painting work. However, it can realize driving function once equipped with booster, improving construction efficiency.

Thermoplastic paint melting

During thermoplastic lines painting process, the paint preheater or hot melt kettle, is used for continuously heating, melting, and stirring thermoplastic marking paints, preparing hot melt paints for the thermoplastic machine during long distance road lines marking work. Thermo paint melting is one of key factors influence the striping project efficiency and quality.

Thermoplastic Marking Machine Cold Paint Road Marking Machine Road Marking Pre-heater


Note: The most common road marking construction ways are spraying type and screeding type. Accordingly, marking equipment can be classified into high pressure airless spraying type, low pressure air-assisted spraying type, flat line screeding type and convex screeding type.