Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine
DY-MT Multi-functional Thermoplastic Machine

DY-MT Multi-function Thermoplastic Machine

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technical parameters

DY-MT thermoplastic machine is a multi-functional thermoplastic road marking machine, which can be used not only for the normal marking, but also a thermoplastic pre-heater to melt materials.

Total Exported Case

Paint Tank 93L (stainless steel outer surface, erect vane manual stirring device)
double as pre-heater for melting the paint
Marking equipment Manual cast aluminums alloy screeding marking shoe,
standard configuration 150mm
Marking Mode Screeding with marking shoe
Marking Shoe (Line Width) 100/150/200/300mm (Optional)
Marking thickness 1.8-3.5mm (adjustable)
Glass Beads Bin 12L (Bin with window, which can check the quantity of glass beads)
Glass Beads Dispenser Automatic quantitative dispenser synchronous with the paint screeding system
Standard Configuration 150mm Marking shoe (High temperature, oxidation and deformation resistance)
Rear Wheel Directional Device Lockable directional device can ensure the road marking machine
moving in straight line or turning freely in curved road
Guide Rod Hydraulic guide rod, adjusted freely in all directions, up, down, left or right.
Size and Weight 1220mm*900mm*1100mm (L*W*H) 205kg
(excluding the gas container, with 150mm marking shoe)
Optional system DY-RB-II seat trailer

Product Features

DY-MT Multi-functional thermoplastic road marking machine marking width is 100,150, 200, 300mm, and thickness is optional from 1.8 to 3.5mm through adjusting the screeding marking shoe. This machine can be used not only for the normal marking to reduce the paints filling times during construction and effectively improve the construction efficiency and quality, but also a thermoplastic pre-heater to melt materials.

1. Ideal machine for medium-sized and small marking jobs in urban areas and road.
2. The screeding structure makes the markings straight and beautiful.
3. Easily operative to ensure the marking speed and quality.
4. Dual-use machine also can be used as a thermoplastic per-heater to melt materials.

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