Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine
DY-HPT Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

DY-HPT Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

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technical parameters

DY-HPT Road Marking Machine is a hand-push thermoplastic road marking machine. This machine can mark straight and beautiful road line, best for small sized traffic line marking.

Exported Case of DY-HPT-I   Total Exported Case
Sri Lanka, Kenya, Oman, Bahrain, the Philippines, the United States, India, Zambia, Belarus, Nigeria, Mexico, Chile, Ghana, Qatar, Suriname, Russia, Australia

Main Parameter DY-HPT
Paint tank capacity 55 L
Glass beads bin 12 L
Heating Mode LPG, direct-fired burner
Knife underframe material Carbon steel
Marking equipment Manual screeding marking shoe, standard configuration 150mm
gravity casting
Marking width 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm (at customers' option)
Marking thickness 1.8-3.0mm (adjustable)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1210mm×890mm×970mm
Weight 165kg
Optional system DY-RB roll booster

Product Features

The DY-HPT type road marking machine is different from DY-HPT-II type in that the knife components and the external body of the hopper adopt high-quality domestic material; the wheel rim and the bracket of the directional rear wheel and the hopper storage are produced by gravity casting; the glass beads tube, the gas pipe, the bearing and the components of heating system are domestic high-quality parts.

1. A firm welded frame is made of hard aluminum alloy, with corrosion and heat resistance, after high speed imported, the whole machine more lightsome and convenient.
2. Knife component of marking shoe is screeding structure that is made of imported excellent alloy steel with heat resistance, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, and the outside structure parts and relative movable parts are made of imported special steels sheet with heat resistance (2000℃), oxidation-resistance and anti-deformation, much better stability.
3. The automatic quantitative glass beads dispenser synchronous with the paint screeding system ensure the spray of glass beads more even and economical.
4. Advanced scraping apply structure can mark the line straight and beautiful.
5. Advanced hydraulic drive system can be flexible control of moving forward, backward and stop.
6. Rear wheel directional device can ensure the road-marking machine moving in straight lines and turning freely on incurved road.

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