Cold Paint Road Marking Machine
DY-TMAL-I(A/B) Air Spray Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

DY-TMAL-I(A/B) Air Spray Cold Paint

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Technical Parameters

DY-TMAL-I(A/B) road marking machine is truck mounted airless cold paint road marking machine. It should be installed in the corresponding position of the truck, and also related spraying equipment.

Total Exported Case

Main Parameter DY-TMAL-IA DY-TMAL-IB
Engine Kohler 13HP or Honda 13HP gasoline engine
Air compressor 0.6 m3/min
Paint tank capacity 110
Glass beads bin 110 L capacity dispensing 110 L capacity spraying
Paint pump Maximum pressure:20Mpa; Maximum flow:20L/min
Single pump Single pump
Control system Digital intelligent control system
Spray gun Double pneumatic spray guns, one manual spray gun
Applied paint Cold-solvent paint and water-based paint
Spraying width 50-500mm (adjustable)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 130mm×1290mm×1410mm 1110mm×1260mm×1410mm
Weight 380kg 455kg
Optional system Cleaning system, pre-marking system Cleaning system, pre-marking system, 18HP engine
and yellow, white double color paint system

Product Feature

DY-TMAL-IA/IB road marking machine are truck mounted airless cold paint road marking machine. The machine should be installed in the truck, and related equipment such as spraying gun bracket, guide rod, encoder are also need to install in the corresponding position on the truck. Relying on the driving power of the truck, this machine could conduct the road line marking work. When there is no road marking work, this equipment together with all relevant equipment can be removed, not affecting the normal use of vehicles. It is Suitable for main road marking for arterial way , highway and road in city area.

1. Automatic hydraulic mixing system can guarantee the even coating composition, effectively improve the coating performance and service life of the road line.
2. High running speed, suitable for highway and city area road marking work.
3. Vertical external plunger paint pump with good abrasion resistance and easy maintenance.
4. It can mark single-color or double-colored lines with single gun or double guns at the same time.
5. Micro-electronic control system (PLC) can be freely programmed to automatically set line types to make the marking operation fast and convenient.
6. The pre-marking system is synchronous with the spraying work, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.
7. New-type spraying gun, equipped with hard side columnar reverse washed nozzle, which can make the on-spot discharge fast and convenient. The non-arc nozzle ensures the marking line straight and exact.
8. Double paint tanks with hydraulic automatic stirrer inside.

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