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Colored Road Appear In Chongqing Scenic Region

It was learned from the department of transportation in Beipei, Chongqing province, the first colored road was completed in scenic spot of Jinyun mountain. The colored road made up of red, yellow, and green was officially put into use, this weekend.

Colored Road Appear In Chongqing Scenic Region

Last November, the department of transportation in Beipei conducted the white to black construction of Jinyun road. This February, three sections of the road such as Sanhua Marble, Diane Lake and scenic gate area were coated with colored asphalt of red, yellow, and green, and each color section is about 500 meters. This road became the first colored scenic spot mountain highway in Chongqing.

According to wang jian, public transportation expert in Chongqing Jiaotong University, Jinyun road has many turnings and steep slopes, driving on this road, the driver is very easy to be visual fatigue. However, the colored pavement can effectively stimulate the driver's nervous excitement, improves the safety factor, and pavement antiskid material would enhance the effect of braking deceleration of the vehicle.

The pavement modification work is coating a layer of special non-slip materials on the existing highway, which adopting "polyurethane adhesive color stone", not only to reduce road radiation, but also enforce waterproof performance. What’s more, the colored asphalt road surface is with high temperature stability, great resistance to water damage of asphalt pavement and durability, and less deformation phenomenon and peelings of bitumen membrane. And the bright color is long lasting, non-deformation, quite beautiful. And the high temperature resistance if of -23 to 77℃, convenient to maintain. At the same time it has good elasticity and flexibility, and can also prevent slippery in the winter, suitable for people having a walk.