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New Invention Smart Zebra Crossing Turn Red When Pedestrian Through

According to Taiwan, BBC News reported on the 1st, a Russian designer designed smart zebra marking lines. It glow red reminding car drivers pay attention to traffic safety when pedestrians stepped on.


Zebra crossing was originally designed for pedestrian safety, but many drivers still often caused accidents when passing through the cross, especially in poor weather for bad sight. Designer Alexey Chugunnikov has designed a variety of pedestrian facilities. The smart zebra crossing he invented will produce white light when not in use. However, when someone entered the crossing area with sensors,it will turn to red to remind drivers to give way.

In poor weather days, the smart zebra cross lines is more obvious, so the driver will know if there is one in front to cross the road from far away.

This invention was named “Smart Crosswalk”. It not only can sense pedestrians and then change light color, but also be power self-sufficient. It is reported that the body of plate under the intelligent zebra markings was fitted a battery and installations to convert pressure to electric power. As long as people or cars went through the cross marking, pressure on the marking board will be transformed into electric power, charging the battery, provide electricity to the color bulbs under metal plate.