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Rural Road Maintenance Entering Era of Mechanization

It is reported that each highway station of Xinchang County, Shaoxing, Zhejiang was more or less installed with the basic rural road maintenance machinery and equipment. There are road sweepers for road cleaning, hedge trimmers and chain saws for green pruning, loaders and small tractors for clearing landslides, cutting machine and plate compactor for pothole patching, etc. Almost every road maintenance job has a corresponding mechanical machine to assist the completion. Maintenance machinery developed comprehensively, and rural road maintenance has entered the era of mechanization.

Mechanization of rural road maintenance not only greatly increased the efficiency of maintenance works, reduced maintenance labor intensity, but also improved the quality of fine maintenance work. And the efficiency of loaders, excavators, pavers, rollers and other large road maintenance machinery is unmatched by labor force.

In the recent five years, the section has been gradually accelerate the pace of highway maintenance mechanization, invested more than 1000 million, added new machinery and equipment nearly 60 sets, including large rollers, excavators, loaders, mixing equipment, multi-function maintenance vehicle, snow removal salt spraying trucks and other large road maintenance and construction machinery, and also added a large number of small machines like road sweeper, insecticide sprayer, hedge cropper, chain saw and irrigation sewing machine. Road maintenance is entering "the era of mechanization." Compared to traditional conservation practices, mechanical maintenance can improve the quality of road maintenance, reduce maintenance costs, and saved labor intensity to a certain extent, showing good economic and social benefits.