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Construction Machinery Industry Rising Continuously in 2012

From the year 2005 to 2011 the construction machinery industry industrial output in GDP terms, the contribution of construction machinery industry to GDP showed an increasing trend.

From the policy, the state emphasized more and more on the construction machinery industry. Before the "Ninth Five Plan", the state did not attach importance to the construction machinery, "Seven Five Plan", "Eighth Five Plan" took the planned economy as principle, while, "Ninth Five plan" clearly introduced the market-oriented development principles, but the subject is enterprises, government support is not too strong, thus formed the situation that construction machinery industry technical reserved quite superficial, and key technology research and development remained weak parts.

Previous development plan always attached importance to the host, ignoring machine parts, however, in the 2011 equipment manufacturing industry restructuring planning, the national industrial policies put the basic components a relatively high position, providing a good opportunity for the development for machine parts. Besides, state financial subsidies lacked for many years, but this revitalization plan funds was implemented. And corresponding supporting policies were given to the fiscal subsidies, loans and the bidding aspects. Equipment manufacturing restructuring plan will put the construction machinery industry into a strategic position.