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Private Enterprises I&E Growth of Domestic Machinery Industry Increase in 2012

Last year, China's machinery industry sales growth is between 11 to 13 percent, ending the high-speed development of the average annual growth of more than 25% in previous 2000 to 2011, into the medium-speed growth period. In the rank of 12 industries, machinery industrial added value growth had been among the first for many years. But it fell to fifth place in 2010, and dropped to the bottom third in 2011. While, last year, mechanical industrial added value, increased by 8.4 percent over the previous year, 6.7 percentage points lower than last year and 1.6 percentage points lower than the national industry average growth rate in the same period.

First time below the industry average in years, indicating that the machinery industry has been facing particularly severe challenges in the current round of adjustment, compared to other industries. But the good news is that in the market forced mechanism, the enterprise's endogenous reaction ability is enhanced, the industry's transformation and upgrading is promoted, and there have been many new highlights. In the grim situation that external demand declined, the machinery industry increased efforts to the "attacking high-end, tamping the foundation". In this round of adjustment, the private enterprise is becoming more important driving force to promote the machinery industry.

Last year, private enterprises created output value 10.41 trillion yuan, with an increase of 18.48% over the previous year, 5.84 percentage points higher than the machinery industry average growth rate, accounting 56.52% of machinery industry output value, realizing 53.8 % of the total industry profit.