Cold Road Marking Paint
Cold Solvent Road Marking Paint

Convex Vibrating Road Marking Paint

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Cold Solvent Road Marking Paint
Water-based Road Marking Paint

Technical Parameters

Cold Solvent Road Marking Paint is consisted of modified acrylic resins, pigment filling and additive, generally used in city roads and common roads consisted of asphalt pavement and cement pavement. Low cost and convenient operation.

Physical Characteristics Standard Result
State in container: No agglomeration, crust,
easy to stir uniformly
Density (g/cm3): 1.2 min. 1.42
Viscosity: (daubing 4 cups) 100 min. 145
Drying time of no sticking to wheel (minute) 15 max. 10
Covering Power: White 95 min. 98
Yellow 80 min. 85
Luminance factor: White 75 min. 81
Yellow 45min. 52
Abrasion Resistance
(mg, 200r/1000g reduce weight):
4.0 max. 3
Packaging: 25kg steel drum

Product Feature

Dayu brand water-based road marking paint white/yellow is supplied ready for use and is suitable for application to bituminous and concrete roads. It can be successfully applied to airless or air auxiliary spraying road making equipment. The desired line width and film thickness can be achieved by varying the spraying gun height, nozzle size, pump pressure and driving speed. It can also be successfully applied with a brush or roller for smaller applications.

1. Fast drying and abrasion resistance: The road will be open to traffic after 10 mins for its fast drying, and can be maintained for over six months.
2. Good adhesion: There will be no stripping on the condition of assure the road surface is dry and clean and filim thikcness before coating on it.
3. Bright and beautiful: Bright in color and meet industry standard. No yellowing, discoloring, cracking, but strong visibility.
4. Convenient construction: No special requirement for construction machine. Both machine coating and manual spraying are proper.
5. Brand Road marking Paints are made of high quality raw material, and its whole production processes are finished by completely automatic production line, absolutely avoid quality defects caused by artificial operation, such as large mixture ratio error, unstable quality, and further make sure of high quality to customers.

Color of Cold Solvent Road Marking Paint
Normal color: White, yellow
Optional color: Red, green, blue, black

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Cold-solevent Road Marking Paint

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