Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint
Thermoplastic Screeding Type Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic Screeding Road Marking Paint

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Product Feature

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint is made from petoleum resin, PE wax, pigment fillinngs, and it is powder form in room temperature. When heated, it is liquid, and will form hard film after coated to road surface.

1. Stong adhesive force: Special rubber elastomer is added into the paint to strengthen its adhesive force.
2. Anti-cracking property: Thermoplastic marking will be out of shape due to temperature variation, and materials with good weatherability is added into the paint to avoid cracking.
3. Bright in color: Adopt excellent coated pigment, reasonable matching, good weatherability, and no color fading after long exposure.
4. High spreading: Low density, large volume, high spreading is the biggest characteristic.

1. When construction, road surface must be clean and dry, and the temperature should be above 0℃.
2. When the paint is melted, the temperature should be controlled 180-200℃, and be discharged after well-mixiing.
3. The primer should be fully processed, and coat the markings after the primer is dry thoroughly.
4. For new concrete road, please start construction after three months or do some special treatment.

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