Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint
Thermoplastic Extrusion Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic Extrusion Road Marking Paint

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Technical Parameters

Thermoplastic extrusion skid proof road marking paint not only can prevent from skidding to enhance the slowing effect, but also with high reflective ability, can improve driving security from visual sense.

Construction sequence Material name Theory value
Road surface treatment
Priming Special primer 0.15 kg/m2
Coating paint Colorful and skid proof paint 9.5 kg/m2
Spraying glass beads Glass bead with coating film 0.4 kg/m2

Product Feature

1. Adhesivity: Unique formulation ensures good adhesion with the road surface.
2. Skid proof: Anti-skid additive is contained which ensures the excellent levelling and skid resistance of the paint and maximally ensures the driving security.
3. Fast drying: paints with different formulations are provided according to the temperature, humidity and road conditions in construction, which ensures the paint with excellent drying speed and good antifouling.
4. Reflective ability: Sufficient volume of high quality coating type glass beads with stable refractive index are contained in the paint. Scientifically choose mixed glass beads with different particles according to the glass beads’ sedimentation rate in the paint to ensure the good reflective effect.
5. Stability: mixed with raw materials of excellent light and thermal stability.

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