Two Component Road Marking Paint
Spraying Type Two-component Paint

Spraying Type Two-component Road Paint

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Spraying Type Two-component Road Marking Paint
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Product Feature

Two-component road marking paint has two special components: oil paint and curing agent. It has a good adhesive to the road surface. And its abrasion resistance, weather resistance, dirt resistance will reduce the maintainance cost, so two-component road marking paint is more economic compared with other road marking paints in the aspects of long term.

Spraying type two-component road marking paint is composed of imported solvent-free reactive acrylic resin, stuffing, pigment and hardener. During construction, just need to mix the base materials and hardener together with certain proportion. Due to medical reaction, base materials and hardener quickly form hard paint film.

1. It is solvent-free type paint, low content of VOC, belong to green environmental protection product.
2. Its mesh macromolecule possesses excellent strength and adhesive force, abrasion performance and good toughness, which is called as perpetual marking with long lifetime.
3. Its special molecular structure makes the markings with preporties with self-cleaning, non-stick dirt and as new as before after rain washing.
4. Good weather resistance, suitable construction temperature is 5-45℃.
5. Applied by road marking machines with certain proportion and high-pressure paint pump, fast and convenient construction.

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