Two Component Road Marking Paint
Screeding (Structure) Two-Component Paint

Screeding (Structure) Two-Component Paint

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Spraying Type Two-component Road Marking Paint
Screeding (Structure) Two-Component Road Marking Paint

Product Feature

Two-component road marking paint is composed of imported solvent-free reactive acrylic resin, stuffing, pigment and hardener. During construction, just need to mix the base materials and hardener together with certain proportion. Due to medical reaction, base materials and hardener quickly form hard paint film.

Screeding type: Use special screeding road marking machine or screed board to making the road lines.

Structure type: Use special swing structure and road marking machine to finish road line construction work.

Screeding type paint has a thick coating. Compared with traditional thermoplastic paint, its advantages are as follow:
1. Good adhesion, hard coating, long service life even on busy traffic road.
2. Various construction methods, less requirement on construction equipment, easy construction.
3. Suitable for parking lines, pedestrian crossing, special lane and such kinds of city road markings.

Compared with traditional structure paint, this paint has following advantages:
1. Good cost performance. Its total cost is lower than that of thermoplastic marking.
2. Good adhesion of glass beads, excellent visibility in rainy day and at night.
3. Good rain dredge ability.
4. Hard paint film, good internal structure, non-deformation effected by temperature. And the swing structure marking can avoid damage to the marking caused by snow shovel.

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