Road Marking Pre-heater
DY-THDP Trailer-type Moble Hydraulic Double-Cylinder Pre-Heater

DY-THDP Double-Cylinder Pre-Heater

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Technical Parameters

DY-THDP Trailer-type Moble Hydraulic Double-Cylinder Pre-Heater is equipped with DY-VHDP thermoplastic pre-heater and the hauling platform, is a special marking facility with both melting and haulage functions. Its haulage platform is mainly used for transporting self-propelled thermoplastic road marking machine. The main technical parameters of Pre-Heater are the same as that of DY-VHDP Hydraulic Double-Cylinder Pre-Heater.

Engine 18HP air-cooled one-cylinder Diesel engine
Stirring system Hydraulic stirring system with protective device, about 50 rpm
Paint tank capacity 325KG×2 (at customers' option)
Heating mode LPG, energy-efficient burner Liquefied gas infrared propane heating Diesel injection burner
Dimensions (L*W*H) 6300mm×1700mm×2400mm
(the size of this pre-heater can be made according to client's needs for different usage in construction works)
Weight 2700kg
Optional system Automatic temperature control system,
conducting oil jacket system, electric ignition system,
engine type and brand, warning light, lighting lamp and fire extinguishing devices

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