Cold Paint Road Marking Machine
DY-SSAL Driving Type Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

DY-SSAL Driving Type Cold Paint

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Technical Parameters

DY-SSAL road marking machine is a kind of small driving type airless cold solvent and also tow-component road marking machine. Normally, these precision driving type road marking machine is mainly used for highway and urban area road marking.

Exported Case of DY-SSAL   Total Exported Case

Main Parameter DY-SSAL-I DY-SSAL-II
Engine Kohler 18HP or Honda 20HP gasoline engine
Air compressor 0.6m3/min
Paint tank capacity 170 L 85L*2
Glass beads bin 52 L
Paint pump Quantity Single high-pressure airless plunger pump Double high-pressure airless plunger pumps;
Single pump pressure Maximum pressure: 25Mpa
Single pump flow 20L/min 12.5L/min*2
Spraying gun Double pneumatic spray guns + one manual spray gun
Control system Digital intelligent control system
Applied paint Cold-solvent paint and water-based paint Cold-solvent paint, water-based paint and two-component paint (optional)
Spraying width 50-500mm(adjustable) 50-1000mm(adjustable)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 2900mm×1600mm×2400mm
Weight 682kg
Optional system Guide warning screen, pre-marking system, trailer, swing type, screeding type, two-component type

Product Feature

Driving type cold paint road marking machines are usually used in expressway, main road in the city and such high frequency road marking works.

●Advanced hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed control system, control and adjust speed more accurately.
●Drive optimization design can control the machine more efficiently and safe in case of emergency.
●Better flexibility than big driving type equipment; higher efficiency than hand push type equipments. And more suitable for long-distance continuity marking works.
●New type high pressure airless piston pump, stable pressure and high flow, ensure high efficiency and high quality road marking.
●The width of the road lines can be adjusted freely according to customer’s individual request.
●Automatic paint stirring system, stir more equably, improve the performance of paint and the durability of road lines effectively.
●Sensitive, precise and stable micro-electronic control system, can realized diverse operational functions easily.

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