Cold Paint Road Marking Machine
DY-HAL-V/VI Hand-push Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

DY-HAL-V/VI Hand-push Cold Paint

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Technical Parameters

DY-HAL-V/VI road marking machine is a kind of hand-push airless cold paint road marking machine, mainly used for small scale road line marking such as the zebra crossing, stop line, sports line, special letters and arrows, ect.

Total Exported Case

Main Parameter DY-HAL-V DY-HAL-VI
Engine Kohler 6.0HP or Robin 6.0HP gasoline engine
Paint pump Diaphragm type, flow 4.5L/min, maximum pressure 20MPa
Spray gun Single manual spray gun, 1 stainless steel spray gun optional to user's demands
Applied paint Cold-solvent paint Cold-solvent paint, water-based paint
Spraying width 50-450mm (adjustable)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1445mm×1100mm×890mm 1445mm×1140mm×910mm
Weight 135kg 150kg
Optional system Roll booster, warning light and lighting lamp

Product Feature

1. Firm welded frame chassis, is chrome-plated or corrosion resistant coating sprayed. Equipped with imported high-speed bearing, the whole machine is much lighter and more convenient.
2. Front wheel directional device controlled by the brake handle ensures the road marking machine operated freely in straight line or turning.
3. Adjustable guide rod can be freely adjusted up, down, to the left or right.
4. The new-type diaphragm type high pressure airless paint pump is with big flow and stable pressure, which can ensure high efficiency and high quality road line marking work.
5. New type manual spray gun with hard side columnar reverse washed nozzle can make the on-spot discharging easy and convenient.
6. Paint tank is with a build-in filter device and air in-take filter in the feeding port.
7. Booster is optional to realize propelled function for customers' requirements.

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