Two-component Road Marking Machine
DY-SSTC-I/II Self-propelled Two-component Road Marking Machine

DY-SSTC-I/II Self-propelled Two-component

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Technical Parameters

DY-SSTC-I/II road marking machine is a kind of self-propelled type two-component road marking machine. It is mainly used for small scale road marking and pedestrian line marking, with good proformance and long service life.

Total Exported Case

Main Parameter DY-SSTC-I DY-SSTC-II
Engine Kohler6.0 HP or Robin 6.0HP gasoline engine
Driving system Original oil pressurized variable speed transmission system
Paint tank capacity 44 L 40 L
Glass beads bin 12 L 14 L
Hardener tank capacity 16 L 11 L
Marking equipment Manual swing type marking shoe, standard configuration: 150mm,
200mm, 450mm
Spraying width 100mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 450mm (at customers' option)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1300mm×950mm×1250mm 1450mm×1300mm×1300mm
Weight 162kg (450mm marking shoe) 240kg (150mm marking shoe)
Optional system Roll booster, warning light and lighting lamp

Product Feature

1. The stainless steel charging bucket whose discharging hole can be opened and closed freely. The upper part is equipped with automatic stirrer filled with paint and hardener while the lower part equipped with acentric shaft with special treatments.
2. Paint tank is made of stainless steel (type I) and cold-rolled anti-oxidation materials (type II).
3. Glass beads bin with windows is observable, helpful to check the quantity in the bin timely.
4. Automatic quantitative glass beads dispenser is synchronous with the swing system to ensure the dispensing evener, exact and more economical.
5. The convenient foot-controlled parking device can stop the machine safely during transportation and construction. At the same time, it is able to empty the remaining glass beads completely to prevent them from being formed lumps because of moisture.
6. Front wheel direction finder (type I ) can lock the wheel with the brake handle controlled device to ensure moving in straight line or freely turning. Rear wheel direction finder ((type II) is able to lock the rear wheel oriented device, make sure the machine walking along the oriented straight line or turns freely.
7. A firm welded chassis frame; its surface is galvanized or painted with corrosion-resistant hard film; high-speed imported bearing makes the machine lighter and more flexible.
8. The extractable guide rod can change directions freely to up, down, left or right.
9. Warning lights can adjust its flicker frequency freely, improving the safety of road marking construction.

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