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Thermoplastic Road Striper And Preheater Export to Southeast Asian Country

On Feb 11st, 2012, we sent 1 set small thermoplastic road striper (DY-HPT hand-push type) and an paint pre-heater (DY-VHDP model) from factory to Qingdao port. These machines will be export to Southeast Asian Country Philippines.

Events playback:

Q: I would also like to ask about the durability of these machines especially the pre-heater.

A: Machine material is steel. So it is very durable without deformation.

Q. As the automatic glass beads dispenser. Does it automatically stops also upon pulling of shoe to stop marking

A: Glass beads is automatic quantitative dispenser synchronous with the marking shoe.

It automatically stops also upon pulling of shoe to stop marking.

Q: If the equipments are made of stainless steel? I do not think we can accept only steel material because definitely it will rust.

A: Machine material is steel.The machine surface is treat for prevents rust. With times gone, it maybe rust, it dnont effect use. Stainless steel machine need to be order sepcial. And price is different.

Details could be download on our website:Catalogue.

Here is the link:

Any other confuse, kindly send me email:   or  tel :  + 86-13513807967

DY-VHDP model paint preheater

DY-HPT hand-push type road marker machine

20120213 road marking machine export