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Nigeria Customers Visited Dayu Road Marking Machine

On December 6th, 2013, one Nigeria customer and one Dubai customer came to Dayu Company to visit our road marking machine factory.

During this visit, their focus is thermoplastic road marking machines, self-propelled thermoplastic road marking machines, thermoplastic paint, glass beads and melting machines, etc.

They need the full set road marking machines for marking works. And they asked the detailed process of the thermoplastic road marking machines.

Due to the high requirements of his construction project, he also had a detailed understanding about the pre marking machine DY-HP.

This successful visiting, with goodwill and mutual trust, laid a firm foundation for our good cooperation in the future.

Any questions, please email me with no hesitate:
Or call me directly, let's talk more. Mobile: 0086-158 9008 0663

Road Marking Work Procedure
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