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DY-LU Loader And Unloader

DY-LU Loader And Unloader

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Technical Parameters

The DAYU brand LU-I and LU-II loader and unloader are specially designed to load and unload the road marking equipment, such as truck-mounted road marking machine, small pre-heater and convex road-marking machine.

Main Parameter DY-LU-I DY-LU-II
Rated lifting weight 1100kg 650kg
Cable length 7.6m
Gear 10:5:1 0
Rated voltage 0 12V (24V)
Installing mode Fastened on the front side of the truck with bolts
Operating mode To turn the beam outward and fastenit, then turn the crank manually To turn the beam outward and thenoperating the controller (up or down)
Net weight 35 kg 55 kg

Product Feature

1. Scientifically designed completely avoied equipment damage and personal safety problem when manual loading and unloading.
2. CE, GS, EMC certificated in Europe, and UL, CUL certificated in the United States and Canada.
3. Easy to be installed and have perfect and stable performance, light and small in size.
4. DY-LU-I/II loader and unloader only needs one or two workers to finish the frequent heavy loading and unloading work, saving time and human power.

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