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Big Road Lines Marking Car Delivered To Laos Customer

On July 30th, 2012, our company delivered big road lines marking car DY-BSAL model abroad from factory, which will be sent to Laos.

DY-BSAL is a kind of big flow, high pressure airless road making equipment with double vertical plunger pumps, which can option for two or three spray guns to work. This solves the problem that the zebro crossing has to be sprayed back and forth twice with the normal single nozzle. And the efficiency has also been doubled. It is also suit for airport line marking, and the line width could reach to 1000mm.

Laos is the only one landlocked country on the Indochina Peninsula. Laos and Vietnam are the only two socialist countries in Southeast Asia. Laos pursues a peaceful, independent and foreign policy of friendship with other countries, and strengthen all-round cooperation with China these years.

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